'Most Loved Workplace' Certified 2023

April 17, 2023


HLB International 'Most Loved Workplace' 2023


HLB is proud to announce that we are now officially certified as a 'Most Loved Workplace®', according to the most loved workplace organization's research, evaluation and criteria standards. The important criteria that will be considered for certification include systemic collaboration, positive vision for the future, respect within the company, company support and spectacular results, alignment in values, company practices and love, CEO strengths, and company benefits.

HLB was mentioned in Newsweek, in their website there was an article named '100 global: Most Loved Workplaces 2023', we were mentioned in the #1 rank of a 100 other certified business. In the writing they describe why HLB International is the #1 Rank, 

"HLB International sets itself apart from competitors by being more approachable, flexible, and offering a better work-life balance. Its Global Diversity and Inclusion Council drives clear and ambitious goals for gender diversity and the inclusion of underrepresented groups through “Days of Understanding” to have candid conversations about diversity. The HLB Engage program provides young and ambitious employees networking opportunities, developmental and cross functional projects to gain exposure throughout the entire company. The HLB Skills Hub, supports all HLB people with upskilling and reskilling efforts and also serves as an internal marketplace for all kinds of opportunities on a global level." (Newsweek, 2023)

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