For these services, an operational work team is integrated with the participation of the client’s staff and professional members of the firm. Together they define the programs, activities, times and persons responsible, providing solutions to the client’s approach and sharing the responsibility for the implementation and operation of the systems and procedures.

These services contemplate

  • Risk management
  • Planning and control of financial and budgetary information systems
  • Process control review ( sales, production, inventories, purchases, expenses and treasury )
  • Advice and financial and administrative support in forming and acquisitions of companies
  • Valuation of companies
  • Participation as board members or executive committees to advise decisions for the best management and operation of companies
  • Act as arbitrators or experts in financial-accounting matters
  • Recruitment and selection of  personnel for companies in the financial-accounting area.
  • Supervise or follow-up on accounting-fiscal-administrive financial actions so that they are properly executed in companies
  • Analysis of IT Infrastructure (internal IT, control. Vulnerability testing, IT diagnostics, IT risks, etc )

Outsourcing Models in Internal Audit

Corporate Governance

Business Security – Corporate Governance

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