About us

Our professional performance is based on a code of professional ethics approved by the Board of Directors.

About Us

Our professional performance is based on a Code of Professional Ethics approved by the Board. The partners have large experience in different economic and social sectors and have wide recognition and participation in business, government and teaching.

  • Comply with the statutes, rules of operation of referred works and any other regulation established by the network.
  • Maintain the prestige acquired within our professional environment by serving our clients with integrity and honesty and with the highest level of professional competence.
  • Actively promote ethical behavior in our work environment and in our community.
  • Provide our clients with comprehensive, accurate, objective, relevant, timely and comprehensible professional services.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the information that is provided to us for the accomplishment of our work and the assurance of not use it to obtain personal advantages.
  • Act with responsibility and due care and competence during the performance of our work without allowing our professional judgment to be influenced by any circumstance other than the material facts presented for our knowledge.
  • Keep our knowledge and technical skills updated to better serve our sponsors.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of the federal government, state and local governments and any other private and / or public regulatory agency.
  •  Look for the material and professional satisfaction of the staff that colaborates in our organization, as well as a good work environment.

Firm Profile

  • It is a network of public accountants and consultants that was formed in 1994 and maintains its operational headquarters in Mexico City.
  • The Firm has grown up to date to 13 firms located in 12 different states of Mexico, which represent more than 85 % of the economic activity in Mexico.
  • With 16 offices, 45 partners and more than 420 people on the staff we can cover services in practically the entire national territory.
  • The structure and size of each of the member firms allows us to have close communication and coordination with each client we serve, as well as knowledge of their specific needs. However, our staff structure at the national level supports us to offer a wide range of specialized services.
  • As a member firm of HLB International, we liaise with our clients that require services outside of Mexico with other associated firms of accountants and consultants abroad.

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